Tracy Luttrell St Louis: Prepare to run

Judging by the name of this website and a lot of my blogs, you probably would not believe that I really did not like running when I was younger. But that is 100% true I hated running beyond anything, it is not that I was not athletic or I was lazy. Quite the opposite actually, I played sports year around and got in trouble a lot growing up because I would miss my curfew to play just one more game. But the difference for example in basketball compared to running is that there is so much more going on. Even if you do not touch the ball, you have to play defensive and get rebounds and things of that nature. But running… it is literally just you by yourself, it was too easy for me to get bored. When you get bored running its hard not to focus on anything but the fact that you are running and that you could be doing anything else. But the older you get the more you realize that you cannot play the games that you use too when you are younger. Running becomes the only viable option, and the fact that running is simple and takes very little to do also becomes more appealing the older you get. With old age comes the realization that you are not as atheistic or strong as you use to be and your recovery time goes down drastically. It happened to my husband not so long ago when he was playing basketball like was 20 instead of 50 and he tore is Achilles tendon. This was a swift reminder to us both that while we still had to remain active, how we remained active was just as important. For me it became focusing on running and passing on my knowledge to others.

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